Rapid Rentals

Choose Your City and Booth Size

Rapid Rental understands that you need “grab and go” exhibit solutions that are consistent, high quality, and easily communicates your brand — maybe there’s a deadline quickly approaching, budget constraints, conflicting shows, you’re short-staffed or you’re looking for a style upgrade. No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to offer a full line of exhibit stands that can ship anywhere in the United States.

Custom Exhibits

We’re the pros you’ve been searching for — effective custom trade shows must capture the audience’s attention, connect with them, stir them, and lead to engagement. When you need your exhibits to speak for you, you need Sky Expo Rentals.

Why Should You Hire Sky Expo Rentals as Your Exhibit Partner?

If you’re ready to showcase your work at a custom trade show, you need a reliable partner to build your exhibits. Here’s why Sky Expo Rentals is the ideal choice:

We’re An Outstanding Trade Show and Event Team

Sky Expo Rentals comes with a team full of experienced and award-winning designers. Our well-versed event and tradeshow team listens carefully to your needs, requirements, and goals to create an exhibit that represents your business and strategy. We’re here to ensure your exhibit communicates, expresses, shows, and delivers the results you want.

Detail-Oriented Fast Work

At Sky Expo Rentals, our headquarters are fully integrated with in-house designing and printing capabilities, including a storage warehouse. This helps us be thoroughly prepared, offer fast shipping, and reduce costs at the same time.

Every item we send is first examined and cross-checked to ensure your custom exhibit is exactly what you want. We also offer next-day shipping to certain cities and venues to ensure your display always arrives on time.

An Experienced Team and Recognized Results

We’re a strong team of capable designers and management personnel with years of experience in the field. We provide you with promising results that align with your requirements; we help you wow the crowd with our brilliant exhibit rentals and help your business get noticed with well-designed booths.

Sky Expo Rentals for Your Custom Exhibit Rental Needs

If you want stellar custom trade show services while being economical, consider Sky Expo Rentals today. Our custom exhibit rentals position your brand in the best way to increase its visibility and interaction instantly. For show-stopping custom designs in Las Vegas, reach out to us now.

The entire process is three steps long: select a custom tradeshow display from us, chat with our designated agent, and track your exhibit rental display to make sure it arrives on-site, ready to lift your brand.