Rapid Rentals

Choose Your City and Booth Size

Rapid Rental understands that you need “grab and go” exhibit solutions that are consistent, high quality, and easily communicates your brand — maybe there’s a deadline quickly approaching, budget constraints, conflicting shows, you’re short-staffed or you’re looking for a style upgrade. No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to offer a full line of exhibit stands that can ship anywhere in the United States.

Immersive 3D Virtual Events

Since the pandemic, many trade shows have gone digital and are likely to continue. Even as things go back to normal in a post-pandemic era, hybrid events (both in-person and digital) will continue to exist. To make these hybrid events interesting, interactive, and memorable, creative strategies are needed to make them a success.

Sky Expo Rentals and Immersive Technology

At Sky Expo Rentals, we are known for our expertise in trade show events. Keeping that in mind, our platforms can be digitally customized to provide a rich and engaging experience to all the viewers. Our easy-to-use platform is user-friendly and doesn’t require any downloads.

Once we create an immersive 3D environment for you, we can customize it by making it more interactive and adding the content you need. We can accommodate livestreaming, live video conferencing, pre-recorded videos, meeting schedules, and so much more. Our robust and immersive environment can be customized to meet your requirements completely.

Virtual Product Launches and Custom Exhibits

In the past, product launches were strictly physical. However, they don’t require physical space at all. With a virtual launch, you can have a higher reach all across the world and can spread a positive word about your product by sharing it with your audience online. This will spark virtual discussions, increase the opportunities for feedback, and so much more.

We also design attention-grabbing and immersive custom exhibits; our team will carefully listen to your goals and ensure that your virtual exhibits align with them. We’ll stay with you every step of the way in this virtual journey.

Captivating Virtual Trade Shows

Sky Expo Rentals is here to take your trade show into the 3D virtual world. Through our virtual trade show services, you can have all the necessary tools to showcase your company or product information, designated networking areas, webinars, product demo spaces, and sponsorship packages.