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Rapid Rental understands that you need “grab and go” exhibit solutions that are consistent, high quality, and easily communicates your brand — maybe there’s a deadline quickly approaching, budget constraints, conflicting shows, you’re short-staffed or you’re looking for a style upgrade. No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to offer a full line of exhibit stands that can ship anywhere in the United States.

Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love

The city, rich in its revolutionary history, arts, and culture is a standing masterpiece. The fifth-largest city in the US, Philadelphia is the place many go to visit The Liberty Bell to see vibrant murals that make the city appear like an outdoor art gallery and have fine dining experiences at restaurants like Vedge. And let’s not forget, the city is all about brotherly love and tolerance.

There’s plenty to explore in Philadelphia, but for people who are out here on businesses, the city also has The Pennsylvania Convention Center, located in Center City Philadelphia. The space is specifically made to host conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, and other such events.

Trade shows that happen in Philadelphia are not without serious competition. To be the best out there, you really have to work on standing out from the rest. The task may be challenging, but we can make it smooth and easy — Sky Expo Rentals is the answer for all your trade show needs.

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design

No matter the size of your business, in order to make a lasting impact on your audience, you will have to put in more effort. Your custom trade show exhibit for such occasions can’t ever be less than extraordinary — it needs to stand apart from the rest, be creative, and truly innovative. All of this might be a little tough to do on your own, so, consider hiring Sky Expo Rentals’ services.

We specialize in trade show exhibits and our years of experience in the industry have provided us with the edge you’re looking for. Our team of in-house designers will take in your needs and requirements and create a custom exhibit design that’ll mesmerize everyone that looks at it.

We know how to wow an audience and generate leads, and we’ll provide you with a service that will have everyone interested. Let us handle your exhibit while you focus on other aspects of the trade show.

Trade Show Booth Rental Services in Philadelphia

For instances where custom-designing a trade show booth doesn’t make sense, we also provide rentals booths. If you have to attend multiple events and need different booths for each, you want to put in a new display without it costing too much. If you’re attending an out-of-state trade show and don’t want to deal with extra baggage, or you’re a new startup that needs cost-effective solutions, then rental booths are a better option for you.

Why Sky Expo Rentals? Because we have hundreds of designs in our inventory and we’ll customize them for you. Our work is so detail-oriented that no one will realize it’s a rental booth you’re using.

Make your Philadelphia event go without a hitch with our help.

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