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Rapid Rental understands that you need “grab and go” exhibit solutions that are consistent, high quality, and easily communicates your brand — maybe there’s a deadline quickly approaching, budget constraints, conflicting shows, you’re short-staffed or you’re looking for a style upgrade. No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to offer a full line of exhibit stands that can ship anywhere in the United States.

San Francisco Exhibit Rentals and Custom Exhibit Services

Are you coming over to San Francisco for a trade show? Prepare yourself to enjoy a city that’s all about fun, beauty, architecture, and fog. The city has a well-connected transport system like Bay Area Rapid Transit and San Francisco Cable cars, ready to make your traveling a lot easier (no more fussing around in the city’s heavy traffic). Most trade show centers and conventions and major hotels and food places are easily accessible by the city’s public transportation.

If you’re participating in a show, then it’s time to hire pros to make your exhibit stand apart from the rest. Sky Expo Rentals can provide you with a complete range of exhibit services, including design, manufacture, shipping handling, storage, installation, and more. We’re at your service whether you need an exhibit rental or a custom-designed trade show exhibit.

Sky Expo Rentals has a professional team of designers ready to ensure your success in the show — we’ll take your idea and requirements and turn them into art.

Custom Exhibit Services in San Francisco

Your exhibit for the trade show in San Francisco deserves to be enamored with praise. Hire our expert help today and let us come up with a custom-designed exhibit that’ll wow the crowd and be the sole focal point of the event. Sky Expo Rental has a team that works in a meticulous, detail-oriented manner from the planning, logistics to the execution. We’ll provide you with the eye-catching design, handle all the logistics, storage, installation and dismantling, marketing, and more.

Partner with us today and let us help you reach your prospective audience with our compelling exhibits that showcase what your brand stands for. Our expert designers and craftsmen will make your exhibit stand apart from your competition like a pro.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental Services

It’s not always that we can choose custom exhibit design; many times, they’re not a logical choice, especially if you’re unsure of your exhibit needs for the next trade show. Or perhaps you need to make a bigger impact this time around but don’t want to spend excessively — whatever it is that stumps your need for custom-designed exhibits, we’re here to provide you a superior alternative: trade show exhibit rentals.

Sky Expo Rentals provides you with an inventory that’s full of hundreds of premade designs that you can choose from. We’ll customize the design of your choice and make it represent your brand needs. We’re here to make your trade show exhibit a success, and we work to achieve that flawlessly. Opt for our rental booths today and let them make a statement!

Need Our Expert Opinion or Help?

Whether you’re short on time or like to pre-plan beforehand, our team can get started right away. Just get in touch with our experienced exhibit design consultants to start immediately. Here are some of the ways you can reach us: