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Rapid Rental understands that you need “grab and go” exhibit solutions that are consistent, high quality, and easily communicates your brand — maybe there’s a deadline quickly approaching, budget constraints, conflicting shows, you’re short-staffed or you’re looking for a style upgrade. No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to offer a full line of exhibit stands that can ship anywhere in the United States.

Exhibit Rentals and Custom Exhibit Services in Seattle

Seattle is climbing the fastest-growing city chart in the United States; this city is vibrant, urban and is home to the country’s top museums, shopping malls, and restaurants. This city is a complete vibe with its infamous Pike Place Market, parks and beaches, the city where Nirvana began its journey, and so much more.

Holding a convention in a city that has it all is nothing but a smart choice. It’s easily accessible by its International Airport just twenty-five minutes away from the city’s center, and a well-connected transport system that never fails you.

Seattle also has The Washington State Convention Center, a favorite location for most of the conferences and events in the city. If you’re planning a meeting or attending a trade show in Seattle, you can call Sky Expo Rentals and confirm your route to success.

We are a complete solution to all your exhibit needs. Whether you need custom-designed trade show exhibits or rentals, we are dedicated to ensuring your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

Wondrous Custom Exhibit Designs in Seattle

Are you in the city for a trade show or an industry event? With Sky Expo Rentals, you can successfully compete for attention with others with state-of-art displays. You need custom exhibits that are distinctive, engaging, and information — and we will provide them to you. Your display needs to be detail-oriented and personalized to stand apart from the crowd, and our experienced designers can provide you with that.

Sky Expo Rentals has an in-house team of exhibit designers that are highly skilled and creative. They’ll create an exhibit for you that captures your brand’s voice; our exhibits will add in the much-needed wow factor to your business using high-impact graphics, lighting, and signage. Whatever it is that you represent, we’ll work hard to turn it into a piece that showcases what your brand is all about.

Trade Show Booth Rental Services

Getting customized exhibit displays isn’t always an option. This is true for start-ups or small businesses that need to save up on additional costs or when you’re attending various venues and need different exhibits for each. It’s also a bad idea to get custom exhibits made if you’re traveling out of state, as you’d have to pay for additional shipping costs for that.

You can always rely on rentals for situations where custom trade show exhibits just won’t do. At Sky Expo Rentals, we provide you with cost-effective rentals that will go a long way. We have hundreds of pre-made designs you can choose from — we’ll customize them for you so they can express your needs and requirements.

Hire our services today, and let us take care of it all for you.

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Whether you’re short on time or like to pre-plan beforehand, our team can get started right away. Just get in touch with our experienced exhibit design consultants to start immediately. Here are some of the ways you can reach us: