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Tips for Organizing a Successful Food Trade Show

Food fairs only occupy a small percentage of all the trade shows taking place in the US every year. These are extremely niche exhibitions, so you’re unlikely to have more than one chance in a year to air your fare.

In this week’s blog, Sky Expo Rentals shares some useful tips to organize a successful food trade show.

Like Product, Like Display

Your expo booth should reflect the message you’re trying to convey. If your message or theme is organic products, your booth design should reflect that theme to a T.

To give you some perspective, here are the color schemes that would match perfectly with various food products:

  • Vegan Products: Neutral colors or hues of the natural elements.
  • Sweets and Desserts:Bright and neon color scheme.
  • Luxury Food Products:White and gold or black and gold color scheme.

Create Brand Loyalty

If your goal is to create brand loyalty through personal connections, experiential exhibits are the easiest way. Several interactive exhibits, but experiential, interactive ones ensure maximum engagement. Experiential food exhibits offer visitors information about the product they’re selling and let them have a taste or sip.

However, if you want to create brand loyalty at a virtual event, you can also do it through mutual engagement. This time, you could ensure this, not through personal experience but two-way interactions on social media.

Overhead View of People Exploring a Food Trade Show with Several Expo Booths with Roofs

Focus on Presentation

The taste of your food matters a great deal, especially if you’ve planned an experiential exhibit. However, its presentation matters just as much. People won’t be drawn to your products if they don’t look good enough to eat, so be sure to display them as follows:

  • Keep your booth clean, minimalistic, and simple.
  • Arrange most of your products on vertical shelves where everyone can see them and table the ones meant for food or beverage tasting.
  • Don’t just arrange your items in their packaging. Show what’s inside and make sure it’s plated nicely.
  • If your product involves cooking instructions, set a cooking station for a live demonstration at your booth.

Hire Tradeshow Program Management Services for an Upcoming Food Fair

Get in touch with our exhibit design consultants for more tips and advice on setting up a trade show booth at a food fair. Better yet, entrust them with your food trade show display, whether it’s for mobile or permanent exhibit environments.

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