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Marketing Collateral 101: Everything You Need to Know

Marketing collateral is any branded media or materials that provide more information about your products and services than print or digital ads. These materials could be anything from your company logo to a case study and establish your authority and legitimacy in the industry.

Here are the trade show marketing materials that Sky Expo Rentals recommends for your corporate exhibit rental.

Business Cards

Trade shows are your chance to network. What better way to do it than by handing out business cards? You may think this method is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are several reasons why business cards are still relevant. From making your employees feel important to creating meaningful connections with customers and other businesses, they offer loads of benefits to your company. Keep a stack of them on hand at your trade show if an investor or customer needs to get in touch with you later.

A Person Receiving a Business Card from Another Person

Swag Bags

Swag bags are like print ads. You’re set if you can attract even one customer or investor out of every 20 of these marketing materials.

Free stuff brings the inner child out of every adult. Invest in branded keychains, magnets, biros, notebooks, and phone chargers, throw them all in a bag with your logo and contact information in bold font and hand them out to whoever visits your booth.

Coupons and Punch Cards

Coupons and punch cards are a great way to motivate people to buy from you. The former offers the temptation of a discount, whereas the latter promises freebies as long as they stamp all the slots, something they can only do by buying your products and services.

However, coupons and punch cards aren’t a sure-fire success, so make sure these mini loyalty programs offer exclusive deals and valuable freebies that potential customers would have a hard time turning down.

Trade Show Display

Let’s close with the most obvious aspect of your booth: the display. There are many types of trade show displays, such as:

  • Pop-up exhibits
  • Panel displays
  • Virtual displays
  • Modular exhibits
  • Tabletop displays
  • Truss displays

While some of the above are easier to carry, others are more cost-effective, and some are still more interactive. No matter their advantages, your exhibit display can only be marketing collateral if it generates leads, improves your bottom line, and attracts investment.

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