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Why Backlit Displays are Good for Your Company’s Exhibit

Backlit displays are electronic displays with a light source at the back to increase readability through illumination, especially during the day when electronic displays struggle to ‘shine’, so to speak. You can see it as turning up the brightness of your phone screen under the sun.

Sky Expo Rentals brings you all the reasons to invest in a backlit display for your trade show booth.

A Backlit Booth is Attention-grabbing

Suppose you were at a trade fair gazing at rows upon rows of similar-looking exhibits with massive displays and messages. As you walk across the crowded expanse, your eyes fall upon a single booth with backlighting. Which one would draw your eyes? We’re willing to bet everything you would be drawn to the odd one out.

Having said that, a backlit booth doesn’t need to be an oddity to stand out. It’s eye-catching on its own, drawing in potential customers and leads. You’ll see why in the following point.

Makes Your Brand Message Loud and Clear

Branding is the key to customer retention. As long as your brand message is clear, you’ll score customers and get as many repeat customers. Backlit displays make sure this message is loud and clear through a brilliant display visible from far away.

Whether you want to convey your brand message through imagery or text, an illuminated display would make your central idea more visible to everyone. If that is your goal, be sure to use bright colors in your text and graphics to make the display pop when lit up.

Improve Your Bottom Line at No Added Cost

You may soon observe increasing competition not just in your business but also in your business’s marketing strategy. Every other company is adopting backlit displays because they draw the eyes in crowded places and are relatively inexpensive.

They’re the best type of lighting for your booth because they’re affordable and can help you increase your return on investment multifold. They’re simply the best way to increase your bottom line without increasing your marketing budget.

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