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Exhibit Design Tips Your Team Should Keep in Mind

With industry leaders predicting a comeback in face-to-face trade shows now that the pandemic’s dying down, it’s more important than ever before to give the audience something to look forward to.

Here are some design tips our exhibit design consultants would like marketing leaders and exhibit designers to follow in 2022.

Engagement will Draw the Crowd

In the age of virtual reality, a spectator is as much a part of the show as anybody else. Instead of using one-sided materials like video screens, interact with your audience through trade show games. Give them some incentive to play through prizes and giveaways.

You might be wondering what’s in it for you. The more time people spend at your booth, the more time your representative will have to interact with potential customers. Use smart technology, giveaways, and freemium models in these games to get people to participate and get a taste of your products.

Be Succinct, Not Overwhelming

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your customers with all the information you want to convey. Find a way to get your message across without overwhelming them with too many words or visuals. You want your main message to be up top, preferably over average waist height, and in a clear and big font.

As for the booth, we recommend leaving about 40% of the interior minimalistic, so people can have room to move around and speak to your representatives. Don’t visualize or display anything your team can convey to the customers. Let your display be the teaser and your reps the main event.

design idea for a blue booth

Stay Consistent Theme-wise

A trade show is your chance to create brand awareness. It’s an event where people can finally hear your brand voice from the source itself instead of a website or television advert.

You must make sure this voice is consistent, starting with the visual presentation. From the banners to the imagery to the giveaways, you have to maintain a consistent brand theme. Adhere to the same color scheme and design, from one end of your booth to the other. No one likes a confusing theme, not least your target audience.

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