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4 Traditional Advertising Methods That are Still Effective Today

Traditional marketing refers to any marketing that isn’t online. In this digital age, it’s used to reach a specific audience, preferably one that you cannot reach through digital marketing.

From cold calling to Sky Expo Rentals‘ corporate event marketing, here are the traditional advertising efforts that still reap leads.

1. Cold Calling

Cold calling is the practice of contacting people of authority or their points of contact to get them to buy something or just have a conversation. We don’t envy anyone who has to pick up the phone and call perfect strangers without a clue how they’d react to their sales pitch.

Although cold calling is old as the telephone, it’s still widely applied as a marketing method. It’s time-consuming but more cost-efficient than digital marketing methods, which is pretty much the only reason companies adopt it in the first place.

2. Billboards

Who hasn’t seen a billboard on a highway or on the way to work? These huge boards feature vibrant imagery and catchy text to grab your attention. Due to the static nature of this marketing method, you can only reach a limited audience.

You’ll also have their attention for only a limited amount of time, for no other reason but because your audience would eventually lose interest in that billboard, no matter how catchy.

Pedestrians Crossing the Road Across a Building Featuring a Chanel Billboard

3. Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are printed handouts that you could use to promote a discount, product, service, or event. You can staple these flyers all over your target neighborhood to share promotional events or sales happening at your establishment.

Apart from inviting people to events, you can also hand out printed brochures introducing people to your company: its products and services. If you can generate even one lead out of 50 flyers or brochures, that one person can help you spread the word about your business.

4. Custom Trade Shows

Custom trade shows are a form of event marketing, which is the practice of creating advertising materials, such as exhibit displays and booths, at industry events. You could set up booths and create large signs and banners to attract attendees at seminars, local fairs, and conventions through Sky Expo Rentals.

Our services include mobile exhibits, social distancing exhibits, virtual event solutions, and other corporate event services for businesses in Las Vegas and beyond. We can all but guarantee warm leads through our exhibit display rentals if you’ve got a promotional show coming up.

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