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The Top Most Important Reasons to Exhibit at Tradeshows

The steep decline in in-person tradeshows back in 2020 only drew attention to the merits of virtual tradeshows. With crowded gatherings all but banned, people turned to their computers to tune into the world.

In today’s blog, Sky Expo Rentals will discuss the most important reasons to exhibit at tradeshows, global pandemic notwithstanding.

Assess Your Position and the Competition

It can take months to assess buying habits unless you attend a tradeshow. These events have the two things you most need: the presence of your competition and potential leads. With the former, you can see what your competitor’s doing to attract customers. With the latter, you can assess what it is about your brand that attracts new customers.

By discovering your main source of attraction, you can redirect the resources from a less popular service or product to the selling point that has everyone’s attention. Even if you don’t make many sales and generate leads at a tradeshow, you should attend for the market research.

A Crowded Room Hosting Tradeshow Displays

Capitalize on the Branding Opportunity

Sometimes, you need to do something because everyone else is doing it. Branding is your friend, and most companies are attending tradeshows for branding purposes. Going the extra mile and expense of renting and setting up your own booth at tradeshows will help you come across as a reliable, reputable, and serious brand.

These corporate events feature many established businesses. Thus, a smaller company can capitalize on its position in the industry to strengthen its brand through appealing booths, catchy commercials, and awe-inspiring showcases.

Get Direct Feedback from the Target Audience

Getting feedback online isn’t easy. Your social media handles can only have so many followers, and email surveys are great and all, but they also have an average response rate of 30%, quite low but typical of most surveys.

On the other hand, you can speak directly to your target audience at vertical tradeshows. They can air their grievances and complaints and even tell you what you’re doing right. You could improve upon the former and stick to the latter.

You can even invite existing customers and potential leads to fill out a short survey and promise them giveaways. The reward incentive might work, but ask them to share their honest and unbiased opinion.

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