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The Benefits of Eco-Smart Sustainable Trade Show Exhibits

Every day, more businesses are finding sustainable exhibit solutions for their tradeshow appearances. You could say they want to mitigate the environmental impact of single-use booths and make a difference, but the endeavor isn’t without its upsides.

In this week’s blog, Sky Expo Rentals brings you all the benefits of a sustainable trade show exhibit.

Come Across as a Socially Responsible Company

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model that helps a company be more aware of its social, economic, and environmental impact. Sustainable exhibits are great for your public image because they make it look like you have a CSR policy even when you don’t.

It’s even better if you do have CSR goals because a sustainable booth can help you meet these goals and run a guilt-free business where you’re making a lesser contribution to the global carbon footprint.

Attract More Customers

According to a study, customers like buying from eco-friendly brands. Even if your product isn’t exactly sustainable, you can still come across as such by setting up an eco-friendly booth and maybe even sounding like an eco-conscious brand.

Your product might be of superior quality and priced just right, but it may not attract any sustainably-oriented customers if you don’t apply and tout your green business practices.

A Brinks Home Expo Booth Rental by Sky Expo Rentals

Reduce Your Expenses

Sustainable expo booths can improve your bottom line while helping you reduce your costs. You could customize your exhibit for:

  • Material: Selecting a lighter material for your booth can save shipping costs.
  • Lighting:Using energy-efficiently bulbs can save you a ton on utility bills.
  • Smart Technology:Using smart devices instead of paper for sales pitches, brochures, and other handouts.
  • Sustainable Giveaways: Recycled items instead of brand-new keychains, biros, and to-go cups.

Recruit Custom Expo Booth Rental Services from Las Vegas

Attract green employees and consumers by setting up a sustainable trade show booth. Find custom exhibit rentals like no other at Sky Expo Rentals. Recruit our in-person and 3D virtual event services for mobile and permanent exhibit environments to do your part for the environment and build a CSR-friendly public image.

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