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The Ultimate Guide for Marketing Managers to Determine their Marketing Goals

A marketing campaign without distinct goals is a waste of money, plain and simple. You’ll basically be throwing stuff at the wall, hoping something will stick, and that’s not how you should roll unless you have money and time to waste.

In today’s blog, Sky Expo Rentals will help you determine some marketing goals to give your campaign the clarity and direction it’s missing.

Focus on Revenue

Building your marketing campaign around a revenue target is not a bad idea. As a business, you’re likely looking to grow your revenue compared to last year while also accounting for inflation. However, like many businesses, you too may struggle to keep your expectations realistic. Here’s how to tackle that issue.

You need to study revenues from previous years to toe the fine line between low and high expectations. For instance, if you made $1.5 million in sales two years ago and they grew by $500,000 in the previous year, it won’t be such a bad idea to set a revenue increase of 15% in mind for the next year. Thus, you need to stick to what you did right to reach the $2 million mark last year and add new strategies to achieve the 15% growth.

A Map Showing the Marketing Journey from Idea to Success

Increase Brand Awareness

Some marketing strategies, like branding, always pay off in the end. According to a 2022 report that surveyed more than 1,000 global marketers, 48% believe their primary goal for all marketing campaigns is to increase brand awareness.

New or existing customers won’t know you, or a new service or product you offer exists if they don’t know about it. Branding is all about building a personality through storytelling and constant engagement, where your target audience spends most of their time.

Discover Your Customer Acquisition Tactic

Customer acquisition is the key to your business’s growth. However, many companies struggle to find a long-term customer acquisition strategy that will convert. Say you’re using a freemium model to attract new customers. You’re giving them a preview, so they’ll be tempted to buy your product.

Having said that, do you have a strong conversion strategy here? For instance, do your freebies have something other products don’t? To determine if your freemium model is working, you need to measure customer acquisition.

Exhibit displays are a great way to tell whether you’re reaching your new customer goals. You can get potential customers to sign up or ask follow-up leads what drew them to your business through on-site surveys. Hire our corporate exhibit rentals, 3D virtual event services, and custom exhibit rentals in any of these locations to take your business to the customers.

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